Gangster leader Laurence Bishnoi has again warned that Salman Khan will not be forgiven until he formally apologizes for killing a wild goat.


Just a few weeks after the death threats against Bollywood star Salman Khan and his father Salman Khan, more threats have come out again. Salman Khan was again warned not to be forgiven when the Mumbai police investigated and found the handiwork of the jailed Bishnoi gang leader, Lawrence Bishnoi.

In 201 8, Bishnoi’s assistant had threatened to kill Salman Khan for killing a wild goat. Wild goats are considered sacred animals by the Bishnoi. The Bishnoi gang has about 700 members.

Last July 10, Bishnoi said that they will not forgive Salman for the wild goat case. Salman Khan has been warned again that he will reconsider his decision only if he publicly apologizes, the police said.

Prior to the incident, Salman Khan’s lawyer, Ms. Sarah Switzer, complained to the police that she had received a threatening letter. The letter was somewhat similar to the threat letter given to Salman Khan.

According to the lawyer, in the letter it is written that the friend of the enemy is the enemy and will do the same as Muswala.

The threatener wrote LB-GB in Salman Khan’s letter and also in the threat letter to the lawyer. LB refers to Laurent Bishnoy and GB refers to Godibra (a gangster close to Bishnoy).

On May 29, Godibra admitted to the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Muswala. Muswala, who was popular among Indians and Punjabis settled in Britain and Canada, was shot while driving and died on arrival at the hospital.