Singer Mabel said that comments on social media made her want to leave the art world


To gain millions of fans on TikTop, modern pop stars are uploading videos of themselves confidently wearing colorful outfits and dancing intricate choreography.

But Swedish singer Mabel said the pressure from the job made her want to stop working on the show.

At the time of her new album̵ 7;s release, 26-year-old Mabel admitted she had suffered a heartbreak and moved house.

“There were times when I thought I was going to give up,” he said.

Many of Mabel’s songs, from Finders Keepers to Don’t Call Me Up, proved popular.

However, despite this success, the comments on his social media posts were too harsh and negative, affecting his self-esteem and whether the success was worth it. He said that it made him think about it.

“There are times when I think about giving up. I was tired since two years before the lockdown period. I have never felt such success. “There was no preparation for this,” Mabel told Radio 1.

“Especially for a young woman, these comments. Scrutiny is very difficult and the stakes are higher when people are watching your every move. “I took a break from using social media because I wanted to keep some things private,” Mabel said.

He says that he is currently in a better mood after taking up activities such as meditation after ignoring the criticism on the advice of his friend, singer Harry Styles. Social media companies should also take more responsibility for bullying issues, Mabel said.