U Chitsari, an actor who is said by the audience because he looks great outside


Comedy actor U Chissari is loved by the audience because of his expressiveness in comic roles in stories. A small person and a cute comedian. At present, he is 73 years old and suffering from eye disease. diabetes It is reported that he is suffering from ear diseases.

Q ̵ 1; Tell the audience about U Chit’s current life.

A – The income is the pension. U Chit worked as an employee and got a pension. I have rented the house I love. As all health fans know, the left eye is completely blind. The right side also had to be carefully maintained. I have been suffering from diabetes for over 21 years. The ears are a little heavy.

Q – How long has it been since you stopped doing art work?

A – It’s been three years since I stopped making movies. I don’t shoot myself anymore. There are people who come and talk. The ears are small, My eyes are also bad, so I’m sorry for the artists who will be co-starring. I don’t shoot on my own because I’m afraid that I’ll be disturbed at work.

Q – When did you enter the world of art?

A – Since 1977. I don’t remember my age. Mr. U Win Pe. The principal of Pantya School. He played a role in the movie “Pasab” that he made. The actor is U Kyaw Hein. Princess, I don’t remember.

Q – U Chit made many films with U Kyaw Hein.

Answer – Yes. The audience is very supportive of the movie “Wee Mee Mee Mee Mee Mee”. It can be said that U Chit’s historical film.

Q – Can you feel sorry for not doing art work like this?

A – Where can the mind live? Since I have been infected since I was young, where can the mind end? I heard that it was not convenient for me to shoot the film because of my health. I can’t hear the movie anymore. The understanding actor spoke loudly. As for those who don’t understand, I only talk about Han Lo Pan, but U Chit doesn’t listen to me, so I don’t make films based on my own knowledge because I’m afraid it won’t work. I can’t take trips anymore.

Q – How would you like to define comedy?

A – The science of humor is something that kids always say to each other. There are children who trample on what one says. There are things to say with a sense of humor. I have to be happy myself. U Chit is only jumping for joy in the movie, but he is stable. This is natural, but what’s the point of going crazy outside? The audience said that it was stable outside.

Q – Please say goodbye to the audience.

A – In any religion in the world, religion is the most important. A person who prioritizes and pursues religion has a long life. If you do this, business often increases. I want to tell the audience to choose good instead of doing bad.

Comedy is the art of making people laugh. It’s hard to make people laugh. Making people laugh with words Making people laugh Audiences love actor U Chitsari’s sense of humor, which is in line with factors such as making people laugh. It’s his good fortune that the audience wants to laugh when they see actor U Chitsari’s look. U Chitsari said that being a small person is his good fortune. Because of this style, it has become cute. He said that although he can no longer do artistic work due to his health, he still has fans in his heart.