I thought it was a car collision. Not later. From the side, they hit the glass of the car with an iron rod


In Insein Township, there were two cases of movie-related robbery a few days ago. On December 1 8, two exchange workers were robbed at gunpoint, and the gunman shot a man, killing him on the spot. The second one was when four men stopped a couple who were running a gold shop in a market in Insein Township with a car in front of them and broke the windows of the car and robbed them of gold. In this incident, the owner of the gold shop was injured by a knife in her hand. The Daily Eleven newspaper contacted the owner of a gold shop who was the victim of the gold robbery.

“I thought it was a car collision. Not later. From the side, they hit the windshield of the car where my sister’s belongings were stored with an iron stick.”

■ Q – Tell me about the incident you encountered with your sister’s name.

■ Answer – My sister’s name is Daw Thuza Aye. My sister returns between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. on market days. My sister’s house is in Kyaw Lai, Khwae Farm Blind School, U Ba Oo Kingpi Road. The shop is in front of Insein Market. I don’t trust the products even when I put them in the store. I will leave it at home. Because of covid. I will keep it at home, so two packs. brought. I don’t think so. It’s been over a year. The store also has a fire safe. Two days ago, before Sunday. A car stopped in front of my sister’s car. This is special. Sugarcane sugarcane. Unsurpassed sense. On Sunday, the car is not closed at all. When I’m not there, my sister and I go back to the Insein Arch Bridge and there is a narrow road. Arrow shape. The road. As soon as I got there, the car stopped. I thought it was a car collision. Not later. From the side, the place where my sister’s belongings were kept, they hit the car window with an iron stick. I’m still thinking that he was just teasing me by passing the car. of course not. And the sword. Draw a package. Sister and son in the next room. The son is only nine years old. There is a male sister in the front room. When he grabbed the next package, he told me not to do it. When I punched it, another package came with it. He also took the child’s backpack. What they think is a wallet. That’s the bag with my son’s books. At that time, my sister’s husband was also supported by a knife. The four men came to two on each side of the car. Robbery. My sister-in-law immediately took the packages and ran. Then I chased the car and my sister’s car was also thin. Their car is also thin. The car is a rental car. Sister also succeeded. The car of those who came is Probox.

■ Q – How much gold is there?

■ Answer – What is included is between four and a half to five pounds of gold. My sister is also a home shop, so she didn’t do it too neatly. The list. That’s about it. Disgusted.

■ Q – That place is usually a busy place. Is it because the traffic is clear, sister?

■ Answer – Yes. There is usually a traffic jam there. The car was cleaned that day. My sister also showed me the car that day. It was late there. But sometimes, if I work, my sister and I come back around 7 or 8 o’clock. I want to be like that.

■ Q – What have you done so far?

■ A – Currently, the case is open at the police station. Further issues are not yet certain.

■ Q – Has the injury healed?

■ Answer – Right after it happened, I went to Hlaing Tharay Hospital. Add medicine. After that, I plan to go to the North Okka Hospital. When called by the police station, he did not go. The next day, the wound was stitched up at Sakura Hospital. I sewed about 10 or 15 stitches.

■ Q – They said there were motorcycles behind the incident. Tell me about that.

■ A – When the incident happened, I did not notice what was behind it. My sister looked around to see if there was anyone to help, but she didn’t see anyone. My sister is already blue. Even my sister’s phone fell out of the bag. A boy nearby had picked it up. Out of the backpack. I even had to go and pick up the phone.

■ Q – What else would you like to say about the process?

■ Answer – What I want to say is that it was not done unfairly. As for my sister, since she was 18 years old, she had to get up at 7:00 a.m. to look for things. My sister is already very dirty.