Announcement of lineups for ONE TNT IV, featuring Aung La An San’s heavyweight world title defense


ONE Championship organization, which organizes multi-martial MMA competitions, has announced the coaches scheduled to be included in the ONE TNT IV tournament to be held on April 28th (April 29th Myanmar time).

ONE Championship will feature 6 (6) bouts and 1 (1) Muay Thai match. In this tournament, the heavyweight world championship between Aung La An San (Myanmar) and Viktor Libidash (Russia) will fight as the main event, and it will include 1 (1) Co-Main Event and 4 (4) other challenge matches.

ONE Championship is targeting American audiences for this month’s events, so fans in Southeast Asia will only be able to watch the event until early morning the next day.

This competition will also be held in the United States on the night of April (28), so fans from Southeast Asian countries, including Myanmar, will be able to watch it only from the early morning of April (29).

The ONE TNT IV tournament will start at 7:00 a.m. Burmese time, and Aung La Ansan and Bid Dash will be the last match, so the fight will only take place after 9:00 a.m.

Aung La An San (Myanmar) and Viktor Libidash (Russia) as the main pairs in this competition. Eddie Alvarez (USA) and Marat Gafurov (or Orion) as Co-Main Event; As other challenges, Umakani (Senegal) and Jirichenko (Belarus); Folaran (Philippines) and Shinra Aoki (Japan); Jackie Button (USA) and Van Dyever (Belarus) as women’s doubles; North Card (USA) and Martin (New Zealand) will compete.

Aung La An San was able to stand as ONE’s 0-weight (2) champion in the past, but lost the middleweight world championship last year, so he must try to defend the remaining light heavyweight world championship.

ONE Championship previously planned to hold the fight between Aung La Ansan and Bid Dash as a middleweight challenge match, but later changed it to a light heavyweight world championship match.

Aung La An San and Bid Dash have met (2) times in the middleweight world championship match in 2017 and won (1) each time.

Aung La An San won the light heavyweight world championship in early 2018, but he had to fight his first championship defense in October 2019, defeating Filipino Brandon Vieira in the second round.

Bidash, however, has been away from MMA matches for a few years due to injury, and is only returning to fight in this match.

He has only fought in middleweight matches in the past, but he will increase his weight and fight in the light heavyweight division for the first time. Aung La An San is also the first player to kill this year.