The secret of success in the academy


As a veteran artist in the art world, as well as in the fields of film music and art, the success of Akademi Yan Aung Ye, who has been able to maintain success for many years, is encouraging. Good communication in the social field; In addition to his love of art, his artistic talent also contributed to his success. Another thing that fans are encouraged by is his respect for his parents. In addition to meeting the needs of the mother who is around, it is also a good example to provide everything for the mother without complaining.

Q ̵ 1; I see that my brother respects his mother very much. Can you say that this fact is supporting my brother’s success?

A – Parents’ prayers I believe that words of encouragement help children a lot. I still have my mother. I always look up to my mother. I tried my best not to make my mother angry. Now I always make my mother happy. Every word of my mother in my life, Every action is more important than anything else.

Q – Tell me about your brother’s mother.

Answer – My mother’s name is Daw Thein Thein. He is 88 years old. Good health. There are only adult diseases. My mother was very pretty like a princess when she was young. Long hair. Looking back at pictures of my mother when she was young, I saw her beauty again. Also, my mother likes it very clean. There is a system. My mother always taught me to work hard. My mother said that she likes living with me very much. He said he always wants to be by my side. If other brothers and sisters come to call, they don’t go.

Q – How do you define parenthood?

A – Parents are the same group as God. We are the first teachers of life. I believe that if you offend your parents, you deserve good luck. Jobs are often inconvenient. Parents always want their children to be good. It is a very lucky gift that my mother has been by my side until now.

Q – Can you say that keeping your mind clear and happy is one of the factors of success?

Answer – Of course. The environment is just to say. There are people who say things because they know about themselves, and people who say things without knowing. If you keep this in your mind, it will not be convenient for your future life. The art world is worse. If you do something, more people know it. I tend to hold myself back quite a bit. Also, the good thing about my brother is that he is happy. When you work with art, you have to give birth to a character. I always try to keep everyone positive. My brother just wants to hear that everything is fine with the art sisters. Whether those who stand in the art world, My brother just wants to hear that those who are no longer working are doing well. As for Chhattha Moe Oo, my brother was sad when he was away from the art world due to his health. I want him to be successful again. Recently, he has returned to the art world and the fans are accepting and supporting him, so my brother is very happy.

Q – failure; How do you feel about success?

Answer: In the human world, success, failure, happiness and sadness will always be there. After that, I think that there is no need to be happy, and there is no need to be sad. When everything comes together, treat it as the law of the world and continue to do what needs to be done. Another thing I want to say is to distinguish between use and waste. collect I would like to say that I need to save.