Having been vaccinated does not mean that you will be protected tomorrow after being vaccinated today. Since it can still be contagious for up to two months, it can only be prevented after two months” Interview with Dr. Than Min Thut, Director of Pathein District Hospital, winner of the Pintaya Lamp House Award.


Starting January 27th, all health workers throughout the country are being vaccinated against COVID-1 9. How did you feel when you got the vaccine? How did you feel after the vaccination? What do you need to avoid before getting vaccinated? The Daily Eleven newspaper reported that the director of Pathein District Hospital, Dr. Than Min Thut, who was the first to administer the vaccine in the Irrawaddy region, asked whether the vaccine has many side effects as rumored on social networking sites.

Q – Hello, I am informed that today, the hospital has started administering the vaccine against COVID-19. Let me know how things are getting started.

Answer: This morning, January 27th, at 8:00 am, the vaccination work of all the health workers of Pathein Hospital will begin. When I started, the teacher was the senior number (1), so the teacher was the first to start, so the vaccine was given. I started injecting at 8 in the morning and now I’m going to inject at 12 in the afternoon. Now, as you can see, there is no problem. Conveniently done. Currently, we will have 200 health workers this morning. 200 health workers have already been vaccinated. From now on, starting at 2:00 p.m., we will continue to inject from 201 to 400. At 8 am tomorrow, we will continue to inject the remaining 401 to 561. Therefore, the teachers have made preparations in advance regarding the vaccination work. This vaccine is second only to Singapore in Southeast Asia, so it’s a great pride because it’s a country where teachers give it.

Q – What do you think about the fact that some say that the vaccine has many side effects?

Answer: I found information about the vaccine on Facebook such as rumors, which countries, how many doses are given, how many people die, etc. When I saw it, before I got the vaccine, I did it last weekend. On Sunday, the teachers attend the central level training. WHO did not confirm this rumor in the course. What is not confirmed is that people die from injections. In fact, hundreds of millions of people worldwide are injected. If all the countries of the world add up, it is hundreds of millions. Go in there and there may be a coincidence. From such coincidences, there are those who believe that it is caused by the vaccine. Currently, teachers know that there are no major problems with the current Kovid vaccine. A possible side effect is that in the 200 people you’ve injected so far, nothing major has happened. He said it would hurt if he injected, but when the teacher actually injected it, it didn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt so much, it didn’t even hurt. So far, there is no pain in my arm. Next time, I’m feeling a little sick, and now I’m still fresh and fresh. I would like to appeal to the public not to worry about the vaccine and to participate.

Q – What kind of people should not get the vaccine? Are there any precautions to take for the injection?

A – Mainly, the vaccine is not guaranteed by the drug manufacturer for children under 18 years of age. If they are children under the age of 18, they are not yet vaccinated. This is one thing. Another thing is that we don’t know what will happen if the drug is pregnant. When you don’t know, pregnant women are told not to inject themselves because they are afraid of touching the baby in their stomach. Another thing is that the vaccine is for breastfeeding mothers, and the vaccine company does not allow it because it might get into the baby’s body while breastfeeding and something will happen to the baby’s body. When teachers don’t allow it, mainly lactating mothers, pregnant women, and people under 18 years of age, these people can’t get vaccinated. The rest of the people can’t inject, but those who don’t add substances in the medicine can’t inject. Allergy means people who are allergic to the substance in this vaccine will not feel comfortable getting the shot. These are the issues that must be completely avoided. He approached the teachers and asked. If someone with high blood pressure needs to be injected, or if someone with diabetes needs to be injected, the teacher will answer that they should be injected. Because of high blood pressure and diabetes, if you look back at the people who have died from Covid-19, high blood pressure, Only those who are resistant to diabetes die. When this happens, we need to take more care to prevent these people from becoming infected. People with high blood pressure, people with diabetes, and people with diabetes should be vaccinated after checking with their doctor and taking care of their blood pressure and diabetes. This high blood pressure can also be prevented by vaccination. The teachers believe that the death rate can be reduced due to the combination of covid and diabetes. Therefore, teachers want to inject the vaccine. Again, for people who take blood thinners, there are different types of blood thinners. If severe blood thinners, doctor