Meeting with Daw Hla Htay, who was arrested for drug trafficking and released from custody on the recommendation of a law officer.


On December 28, 2020, drugs were found in Daw Hla Htay̵ 7;s home and the police arrested Daw Hla Hla Htay. After the arrest, reports emerged that Daw Hla Htay was trapped. After that, Daw Hla Htay spent about a month in prison, and on January 26, she was released because the evidence was insufficient and she could not appear in court. I have mentioned the questioning of the participant Daw Hla Hla Htay about that process.

Q – How many family members are there with your aunt’s name? Tell me what business you do.

Answer – My aunt’s name is Daw Hla Hla Htay. There are four family members. Working in coal industry.

Q – Tell me about being arrested for drugs.

A – We borrowed 15 lakhs from them because they were arrested for drugs. I borrowed 500,000 three times, 1500,000. 45,000 per day. It is paid from nine months. nine months 10 months 11 months and 12 months are paid up to 10 days. After giving, the economy is in bad condition. Coal also lost its base, so take them two hundred thousand a month. He told me not to charge interest. Since that day, they have been threatening. If you don’t pay, he threatens to hire a fool to kill you. Can’t adjust later. My daughter at home also made audio files of what they said. After that, on the 27th, around 9 o’clock in the morning, the couple came home. I will come and leave it today, and I will pick up 45,000 tomorrow afternoon. If you don’t pay, he threatens again that he will find out about them. I threatened that I could not pay 45,000 a day. I said that I will pay off the capital with 200,000 per month. It went back without them fixing it. The next day, on the 28th, I came home. Her husband came and started wearing shorts. I took out a cigarette case from my pants pocket and smoked a cigarette. And then they don’t slide to put it on the frame. When he didn’t slip, his wife said that she would talk inside, and when she sat down, her husband put it on. My daughter saw that I posted it. I think my daughter just put the tax on the cigarette pack. She told her husband to wait until she gave him 45,000 and went back outside. She left and her husband left later. After leaving, the police came in the evening. When he came, he said my name and called my sister into the house because he had something to look for. I’m not looking for it inside the house. Just looking for the entrance to the yard. Until now, what are you looking for? He did not say what he was arrested for. And one of them showed me the cigarette case because he had found it. The police said that they came to arrest my sister because she complained about drugs. There, I shouted that I don’t sell drugs. I called people from the neighborhood. Even though Ward said no, he was arrested on the basis of the report that he was not. I spent a month in prison. It can be said that he was arrested. They are also chasing the couple.

Q – How does Auntie feel about being arrested for drug possession? Tell me.

A – The feeling is that there are only two daughters at home. And this is what people have been talking about for many years, so I don’t know what they are doing later. It will be many years, so I am worried about my daughters. It’s not good at home either. I work a day and eat a day, so is it convenient for me to eat? I’m more afraid that something will happen to the children at home than the year spent in solitary confinement. This month after they were arrested, I couldn’t eat or sleep. Living with the heat all day. I was happy because they released me.

Q – Please tell me why you were released and why the camp released you.

A – The camp said from their legal counsel that they have to take remand to the court on the 28th. They explained that if they did not release him on remand, they would go to Insein. So when I received this letter from the legal counsel office, the case was not resolved. They said that they can’t go to court because they can’t do it. They said that since the case could not be filed, it would have to be returned. I won’t say why. He did not ask to sign. The couple is being chased by the camp. They said that if they missed it, they would see Auntie as a witness. Not sure exactly.

Q – Tell me about the hardships you experienced during the month you were in prison.

A – The difficulties are, first of all, we need an ordinary prisoner. Later, the case became an assassination case, so the police often investigated. As well as not. They came and asked what help they needed. After that, I didn’t shoot anymore. The camp commander and the police all came to ask.

Q – Tell me about your feelings about being released.

A – I’m glad to be released. The neighborhood I am happy that all the ministers helped. These things also help and the case appears to be correct. I’m glad that I was released from this kind of trouble.

Q – Please tell me if the family’s current living conditions are okay.

A – Food and business are also not good because the base has been lost. Because of other diseases, I can’t load charcoal anymore. It’s not easy to find. A month earlier