Three controversial Michael Jackson songs removed from music streaming websites


Is the American singer Michael Jackson really singing? Sony and Michael Jackson̵ 7;s legal team have announced that three long-controversial songs have been removed from streaming websites.

‘Breaking News’ ‘Monster’ The three tracks, ‘Keep Your Head Up’, appeared on Michael Jackson’s album, Michael, released in 2010, a year after his death. Now those three songs on Spotify, Apple Music It has been taken down from websites such as You Tube.

Some fans have long argued that the voice of the three songs is not Michael Jackson’s voice, but American backup singer Jason Malachy’s voice, and Sony has denied the allegations.

And now those songs have been removed, whether Michael Jackson sang them or not. Sony and Jackson’s legal team clarified that it was chosen as the best way to end the confusing dispute, not because of the issue.

When Michael’s album was released in December 2010, it was written on the back of the cover that it contained Jackson’s unreleased songs. However, after listening to the song, fans were skeptical about the three songs. In addition to fans, some of Jackson’s family members themselves were ambivalent.

In 2014, a fan named Velasarova, Soni, Jackson’s law firm and two producers are still being sued in California for defrauding fans.

However, in 2018, because of Sony’s favor, Sarova went to the California Supreme Court, according to TMZ online newspaper. To this day, there is no legal solution to the three song dispute.