Judge rejects Amber Hart’s request for new charges against Johnny Depp


Aquaman actress Amber Hart̵ 7;s lawyers on July 13 lost their bid for a new trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp after a judge rejected claims that one of the jurors acted dishonestly.

A jury in Fairfax County, Virginia, ordered Depp to pay $10.35 million in damages in June after finding that Hart defamed Johnny Depp in a newspaper article he wrote.

Hart’s lawyers asked the judge to throw out the decision and declare it a mistrial. He argued that he was ineligible to serve as it was intended to be sent to his father, who had the same home address.

Judge Paniczakaret said there was no evidence the jury had lied or committed any wrongdoing and that the jury’s decision should stand.

Deborah Hart, 59, was sued for defamation over The Washington Post’s description of him as a domestic abuser.

Deb denied hitting Hart, 36, and said Hart was the only aggressor in their relationship.