Interview with Dr. Myat Thott Nyunt, Deputy Director of Medical Research Department


As new mutant COVID-1 9 strains have been found in many countries, the Department of Medical Research has conducted lineage and genetic clade tests. According to the results of the test, it is known that the new genes that are occurring in Jordan have been detected in those returning from foreign countries. In order to find out about the activities to be carried out, I would like to recap what the Deputy Director of the Medical Research Department of the Ministry of Health and Sports, Dr. Myat Thott Nyunt, interviewed with the Daily Eleven newspaper.

Q – First, please explain the work being done by the Medical Research Institute on the new mutated COVID-19 strain.

A – Starting from 2019, which can be said to be the first wave, a lot will happen in 2020. January 2020 February Since March and this period, the Medical Research Department has been taking laboratory-confirmed research samples from patients with laboratory-confirmed results and testing the entire genome. So far, 63 samples have been processed. According to the current research findings, the genetic changes that many people in our country are interested in, that the UK has started. The genetic changes found in South Africa have not yet been found to spread more rapidly. However, as the Union Minister of the Ministry of Health and Sports said, genetic changes can change over time. If the domestic type can be changed, it can be changed. If it can be changed after entering another country, it is possible. So, naturally, these genetic changes can change gradually over time. Because of this change, good changes are also possible. Bad changes are also possible. Bad, change, change, change, change, change, change, change. How much has changed? We need to constantly monitor what has happened because of these changes.

Q: Please also tell us about the recent findings through the laboratory sampling test.

Answer – 63 cases have been inspected till today. Among these laboratory samples are the laboratory samples found in the country. Laboratory-confirmed patients who have returned from abroad have been examined. Of the 11 that have been completed, six of them are from abroad. Those six are among the hotel staff who returned from Jordan. It is the case that even more than 60 bugs were found in a plane in Jordan. Of these, six were examined by taking a sample from a laboratory-confirmed patient with a sufficient amount of bacteria to test the entire genome for research. Next, there are three research samples from Yangon. Bago has two. A total of 11. This is the last update. The difference is that the type in our country is the type we have already seen, the B 1.36 type, and it is called GH Stain. The type from Jordan, a foreign country, is the Jordan Stain type. The type of UK people are afraid of, It is not yet the type that is more contagious as it is in South Africa. The type that is happening in the country is different from the type that is seen in those who come back from abroad. But it’s not the type that most people are afraid of. It’s still not the type of mutation that happens very quickly. 99% of Jordanians say they have seen this type of type that occurs in their country. But this is also the type found in other countries called GR Stain. I only found that type. There is no evidence of a very large epidemic like the UK or South Africa.

Q: Recently, it has been reported that people who have returned from Malaysia have also tested positive for COVID-19. In addition to Yangon, there are people from other regions and provinces, so do you have the laboratory samples of those infected patients to check as well?

A – Genetic testing means that there needs to be a sufficient amount of laboratory sample for genetic testing. We cannot act on every positive case. The laboratory samples of the person who found the virus have sufficient number of bacteria, so we have to continue. Another thing is that you can’t do both alone. If you put it in the machine once and check it, 10 After receiving about 11 items, it is necessary to collect them and carry them out. Also, depending on the technology used there, the cost of the reagents is very high. I have to calculate the situation from abroad. Depending on the situation, whether we are domestic or foreign