The plan to remake the thriller Train To Busan as a Hollywood film has been postponed indefinitely.


While many horror movies have been made, not all of them have been as popular and universally successful as they have been.

The South Korean thriller Train To Busan, released in 201 6, was popular not only with local audiences but also abroad, and there are even plans to remake it as a Hollywood film.

Yeon Sang-ho, the director who made Train To Busan, has made another movie, Peninsula, in 2020. Released in July.

Late last year, reports surfaced that a Hollywood remake of Train To Busan would be titled The Last Train To New York. The release date is also 2023. April 21 was announced.

Now those plans have backfired, and the Onena Bros. production company has pulled The Last Train To New York from its slate of releases. The reason for the pushback and the new release date of the film were not announced.

The Hollywood remake has not been announced as completely canceled, so the crew who will make the film will have more time to prepare, and it won’t be thirty days.

The Train To New York is set to be directed by Indonesian director Timo Jayantho, and written by Gary Dowman (writer of Annabelle and The Num). Timo Jayantho is also a director known for his thrillers.

Train To Busan fans say they won’t watch the Hollywood movie unless Gong Yoo is cast in the lead role.