Police call in Nicki Minaj’s fan meet-and-greet in London after out-of-control crowd


A fan meeting with world-famous female rapper Nicki Minaj planned in London was eventually canceled due to uncontrollable crowds.

Most of the fans were disappointed that the event was canceled after waiting for a long time to see Nicki Minaj.

Following Nicki Minaj̵ 7;s Instagram announcement that she would be at London’s CafĂ© Koko shortly after noon on July 11, fans lined the area around the restaurant for hours that day.

In fact, when Nicki Minaj arrived, she was five hours late. In addition, Nicky could hardly get out of the car as fans swarmed around the car and screamed.

Minaj was in Britain last weekend to perform at the Wireless music festival in Finsbury Park. According to videos on social media, thousands of fans braved temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius to catch a glimpse of Nicki Minaj.

Minaj took to Twitter to plead with fans to leave the area as the entire area was overcrowded.

According to local police, employees at the venue called the police and Minaj had to be surrounded by police.

Minaj herself and the organizers of the event made sure that the concert was canceled with the safety of the fans as a priority, with police closing the streets and encouraging the crowd to leave the venue under control.

Minaj was still stuck in the car for half an hour before leaving. There are fans who rush after his car. The headliners at the Wireless music festival, including Minaj, are all female, and festival organizers have announced that all tickets have been sold out.