Kanye West was charged with failure to return leased items


Kanye West, an American rapper and designer, has reportedly been charged with failing to return rental items.

West, 45, is accused of failing to return 1 3 rare garments to David Casavant after borrowing 49 pieces from the fashion archive in March 2020.

The David Casavant Fashion Archive confirmed that Kanye returned another 36 garments unblemished, but stopped paying monthly rent for the remaining 13 garments until the end of October 2020.

According to information obtained by TMZ, 31-year-old designer David Casavant is suing for $221,000 in unpaid rent and an additional $195,000 to replace lost items.

Among the 49 items on David’s shopping list for Kanye are Helmut Lang’s vintage blue denim jacket; Also included is a $5,000 Gucci bomber jacket and a Dolce and Gabbana black lace top.

West hasn’t been in the public eye in recent weeks, but just two weeks ago he attended the 2022 BET Awards.

Earlier this month, West was also sued for sampling a song by legendary musician Marshall Jefferson on his Donda 2 album without permission.

West allegedly used parts of Jefferson’s 1986 song Move Your Body in his song Flowers.

West and his publisher have not commented on the lawsuit.