I will resolve San Sanmao’s case as much as possible.


San Sanmao, the former captain of the Myanmar women̵ 7;s national team, is selling fries at the Suwanna football stadium to solve the difficulties she is facing. However, since he was the proud athlete of the country, the Myanmar Football Federation is working to solve his difficulties as much as possible. Eleven Sports asked about the plans to meet and help MFF women’s football representative Daw Myat Myat Oo.

Q – What would you like to say about San Sanmao who is facing difficulties?

A – San Sanmao is someone who has been working together for a long time. He has many family needs. Even though he was the youngest, he solved everything. And his actions were wrong. There were also losses in the polling. To solve the problems, the money was borrowed with interest, and then the interest was added to the interest. The salary he earns is enough for a female footballer. But she has to pay interest without using the salary. The salary from the department is taken at the end of the month. If I have to be honest in front of him, I have solved this problem about (4) years ago. Before, I was selling outside Suwanna Stadium, so I asked the secretary for help and allowed me to open a temporary shop where I am selling now. It was late because we found out too late that San Sanmao had taken the money with interest. Now we will solve it as much as possible.

Q – What kind of assistance will MFF provide regarding San Sanmao?

A – I want to tell people who owe him money. Bring evidence of the money Sansan Maw took. We will negotiate and resolve his case as best as possible. The Myanmar Football Federation has always helped San Sanmao. U Zaw also supported as much as he could. He is diligent, honest, I tried. But the economic outlook is weak. At the last blood festival, I went to the market and sold the shop for one day (1) hundred thousand. The profit was very low and I lost around (700,000). There are many such. He also thanked those who helped him. I would like to request you to be gentle with the child and not take too much interest.

Q – Since the Myanmar U-18 women’s team will be training in camp in May, how will San Sanmao be handled?

A – During camp training, he will be able to work with interest in football without having to tie his back hair. So it will be resolved before May. Those who owe him money, please come to me with San Sanmao. We will solve all the issues, but we need to go through the legal process. As those who help, I would like to kindly ask you to look at San Sanmao’s side.

Q – What did MFF Chairman U Zaw Zaw instruct about the San San Maw case?

A – I haven’t met the chairman yet. I have to call San Sanmao and go see him. He must tell his difficulties. The players are the chairman’s sons. Like daughters. Whenever there was a problem, the chairman solved it. The chairman is a person who is not obliged to help even a stranger who is in trouble. When it comes to health issues and other difficulties, he is not slow to help. But this is a different matter. Therefore, I will present all of San Sanmao’s issues to the chairman.