Meeting with the director


Instead of restricting and controlling the creation of movies through the censorship system, young artists are trying to change the ability of individual creators to think and create through the Rating system. One person who is involved in such an effort is the director. The state of being able to change the rating system, which is being communicated with the director Na Kyi, who was able to show the best quality of art even with the first big movie “Mi” ;, I was asked what was prepared to proceed.

Q ■ The first thing I would like to know is that instead of the restrictions of the censorship system in the making of movies, they are trying to create freely with a rating system. Can you tell me about this?

Answer ■ I am waiting for the rating system. One term of the new government will end and another term will start. There is no water everywhere. The remaining old laws of the junta I don’t want to make movies with old policies. So they are trying to create a rating system.

Q ■ We have tried before to be allowed to create with the system, but until now, we still have to go through the censorship system. If the rating system is really implemented, what kind of benefits do you think will be achieved?

A ■ You can make a movie look like a movie.

Q ■ A lot of young creators are coming out. They presented new creations. They are accepted both domestically and internationally. How much freedom do you think we would have if there were no censorship restrictions?

A ■ We will be free to create as much as the Society allows. As stated in the question, there will be no restrictions. It will be our consciousness that holds us back.

Q ■ The film law has been drafted. It is said that it can also be recommended to prepare. But there are situations where you don’t know for sure what information is included, so what do you want to say about this situation?

Answer. We have a film law draft drafted during U Lu Min’s time. There is a film law draft that was drawn up during the time of U Zin Wai. We are reading these bills.

Q ■ Have you considered the mandatory elements to be included in the new film law? Are you prepared?

Answer ■ The thing that must be included in the new movie law is the Rating System.

Q ■ As the 100th anniversary of cinema approaches, we can see the beginnings of the new generation of filmmakers’ self-reliance efforts and breaking new ground. But those who hold the management parts of the movies are the old way, How do you think we should change because we still hold on to old ideas?

Answer ■ We have to work to get the new film law to the parliament.

Q ■ In early 2021, there will be elections for the new executive of the Film Association, so how many thoughtful young people do you think will be needed to participate in such a place with the changing times?

A ■ There are far-reaching requirements for young people even to join the film association. The rest are far away. And no matter how executives change, nothing will change unless traditional leadership changes. That’s why young people won’t be interested in the executive election of the film association.

Q ■ There are difficulties and challenges in every field during the Covid period. I think there will be a big challenge for the movie role as well. What should be prepared for that?

Answer ■ I only know how to make movies, so I’m only prepared to make movies.

Q ■ What have you prepared to create something new as a creation of Konagi? Is the film still in the making?

A ■ My second film, the film starring Mau Wey (Indra Kyaw Zin) and Thu Thu (Pai Phyo Thu), has already completed all post production. Waiting for cinemas to reopen. As for the rest, U Wunna’s ‘My Love Magical Day’ was filmed at our oil creek, which was stopped due to COVID. There are three or four days left to shoot.